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At Boulder Center for Sports Medicine we believe that “If you’re active, you’re an athlete”. It is our mission to provide world-class sports medicine to everyone who seeks it. We provide care to elite athletes, collegiate athletes, high school athletes, weekend warriors and active people of all ages and abilities.

We are everything sports medicine under one roof. Our staff of physicians, physical therapists, certified athletic trainers, sports massage therapists, physiologists, biomechanists, nutritionists, and coaches will work together to provide you with the same type of care available to elite and Olympic athletes worldwide. cryptocurrency options

Boulder Center for Sports Medicine is saving one lifestyle at a time. If you are looking for a primary care physician, a physical therapist, a coach, or a great fitness class, we can help. Call today and start maximizing your full active and athletic potential. 


BoCo Loco Bike BashBoulder Center for Sports Medicine and
Boulder Neurosurgical & Spine Associates want to thank everyone who participated in the 2012 BoCo Loco Bike Bash.  It was a great success.  Thank you for supporting the Justin Parker Neurological Institute and the BVSD High School Athletic Training Program!

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Running for Weight Loss for sportsmen

If you are a sportsman looking for a way to get that stubborn weight off in a very effective way, you should look into starting a running regime. Many people do not immediately think that it will be as effective as it is, but when they are proven wrong, they are happy to see the changes in their bodies. It is proven that running helps you lose more weight than other training programs and it actually helps to boost metabolism, rid your life of stress, helps your heart health, and makes you generally a healthier person. As with any program, you need to eat right and live a healthy lifestyle for it to work.

So how can you start a running program that will ensure your weight loss? Follow these simple steps and you will be shedding pounds in no time at all.

1. Go Complex. Complex carbohydrates are great for runners. These are what give you the energy to run. Just make sure to eat carbs with lower Glycemic rankings.

2. Eat protein. Protein helps you recover faster and promotes the growth of muscle mass. It can keep you fuller longer as well.

3. Run from hunger. By running at 50-70 of your maximum cardio capacity can help keep hunger at bay. This is most likely due to lower levels of Ghrelin - the hormone responsible for hunger in your body.

4. Choose High Intensity Interval Exercise. HIIT exercises and Kettlebell exercises help boost your body into higher heart rates, which helps you to burn fat faster. Just train in short bursts at high intensity for 1 to 2 minutes and then slow down for about the same time. This change in speed will work your heart more and help you burn fat. Read more tips on

5. Take natural weight loss supplements. There are a variety of dieting supplements available that use different mechanisms to help you lose weight. For example, Glucomannan's fiber is one way. Here is a review on Lipozene, a product that contains Glucomannan. Other natural, herbal alternatives to ephedra and phentermine are also available in the market.

As with any exercise program, running will take commitment and dedication to make sure that you make it to the end. There are always going to be benefits from starting any type of exercise, and you should make sure that you take the time to exercise properly, so you can see the results that you want to se. just remember that it will take time, so if something doesn’t happen right away, that does not mean that it will not happen over time. Running is a great way of losing weight, but also helping you live a longer life, as it promotes better heart health and an overall higher level of fitness.

Use of Testosterone supplements in sports

There are many athletes as well as bodybuilders who happen to be users of testosterone supplements. They often need these boosters to help them improve their performance in the sports that they play and give them a higher amount of endurance. But apart from this group of men there are other more everyday men that are faced with issues in the bedroom, and they can actually benefit from using these supplements as well. bitcoin exchange platform hong kong

The number one ingredient you will find in these supplements is Creatine. Creatine is a legal substance and is definitely safe for use, unlike steroids. The great thing about it is that it has no side effects at all on your body and will not place your health at any level of risk. You will not have to fear any heart illness from taking it. All you need to remember is that your intake of water should be in higher than normal.

These supplements that have Creatine have been proven to be effective and the great thing is you don't have to wait a long time to see any results. When you take this supplement, your testosterone level will raise and you'll be able to get that healthy blood lipid profile you want to have.

The testosterone supplements are available in patch, pill and gel forms. So it makes it easy for you to take. Remember that when taken in moderate amounts, testosterone can help with lean muscle development in the body. This in turn means that you can work out longer as well as with higher weight levels.

A very natural supplement is Peru's maca root. It is made of the best hormonal nutrient herb in the world for natural testosterone production. Maca root helps to nourish the glands and can help women with natural production of testosterone hormones to increase strength, energy and sex drive.

If you are looking to get some help in the weight room, or even the bedroom, you want to find the best natural ways of helping yourself. Look into naturally made testosterone supplements like andro400 or steroids like nandrolone(Deca) to give you the boost you need in order to hit the levels you want to. It is important to remember that you need to find a legal and more importantly, safe testosterone supplements that works for you and your body. If not, you can cause damage that could be hard to fix.

Pre-workout supplements for athletes

As an athlete, you will always be looking for the best thing to eat or drink before you start your workout. It is important to find something that will be healthy and more importantly, give you the energy you need as well as the help you need to build muscle as well.

Knowing what kind of pre-workout supplements work best will help you narrow down what works for you. Not everyone will need or want the same thing, so it is something you should make sure you customize to your workout plan, so you get the best results for you.

When looking for a good pre-workout supplement, you want to find something that will push you to workout harder. Look for something that will not give you the feeling of “crashing” midway through your workout. Instead, find something that will pump you up instead. Having an idea of what kind of ingredients are in these supplements will help you pick the right one.

Arginine- L-Arginine, is a key amino acid, and has been one of the key ingredients in some of the best, most effective pre workout supplements on the market for awhile. It helps to increase blood flow, spike the human growth hormone, and increase energy. It is great to use before you go lifting as it aids in muscle growth and can help give you all the energy you need to get through your entire workout.

Niacin-you will not always find this in supplements, but if you add it to ones you already you, you will get great results. This vitamin B3 is great at increasing energy, dilating the blood vessels and increasing blood flow. Look for instant release Niacin and not extended release. It will do you more good if it starts working right away. Add it to whatever other supplement powders you have and watch it start to work.

Whatever your goal is for using pre-workout supplements or even meal replacement shakes, improve energy and stamina you should make sure that you know exactly what it is that you want to have happen. This can better direct you into what to put into your supplements. The pre-workout supplements will help you to feel more energized while working out, as well as help your body to promote muscle growth and burn fat. When you find the right supplement for you, you will see that you ever want to go back to anything you were doing before.

What are Antioxidant Supplements and should athletes take them?

Antioxidants are the human body's guardians against many things that could possibly cause any type of damage or illness. They work to defend the body from the damage caused by free radicals.

Free radicals are things that are naturally produced in the body during oxidation and antioxidants are then needed to undo what they did. Antioxidants help to combat against cellular damage which causes cancer. We usually have to supplement these because our diets do not have enough to help us out.

We can get a lot of the vitamins that are also antioxidants through our food. Vitamins like A, C, and E are natural antioxidants. People know about the benefits of these, but it is hard to get them in your diet every day, if you do not cook fresh food all the time. So we take supplements instead.

As an athlete, you may be wondering if it is safe to take these supplements with your workout plan. Well, small doses of a natural antioxidant supplement are ideal for daily use. They will not harm you in any way if they are added to your existing supplement treatments. You should remember though, a natural antioxidant supplement like Protandim like be considered to help you cure any and all problems you may suffer from. You cannot use it as a form of treatment for an illness.

What it ends up doing is helping to strengthen the body's immune system. The existing antioxidants in the body are always best for guarding the body. If you are looking to add them into your sports nutrition plan, it is important to have a balance of all nutrients, like antioxidants Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A.

Besides taking the supplements, remember that exercise helps to ways of getting rid of toxins in the body, and you can find that with them combined with supplements is a great partnership. There is still a lot to uncover about the effects of exercise and antioxidants in the body. Science is coming up with new and different discoveries every day.

But rest assured, if you are looking to live a healthier life, you can do so by exercise and antioxidant supplements. Just remember that everything should be done in moderation, because you do not want to do more harm than good. But if you are an athlete, do not worry about adding some of these into your daily supplements.

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