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World Class Care for All Athletes
Boulder Center for Sports Medicine is a dream fulfilled for Andrew Pruitt, Ed.D., PA.  As an elite athlete and a medical professional, he realized that elite athletes were able to gain access to superior medical care.  As a result, they stayed healthier and recovered from injuries faster and easier than everyday athletes.

Andy's dream was to build a center where elite athletes and active people of all ages and abilities could benefit from a multidisciplinary team of professionals working together to provide each patient with the best care available.

The Boulder Center for Sports Medicine is designed to emulate an Olympic Training Center.  It is a member of the US Olympic Committee's Sports Medicine Rehabilitation Network.

At the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine we believe that “If you’re active, you’re an athlete”.  It is our mission to provide world-class sports medicine to everyone who seeks it.

We provide care to elite athletes, collegiate athletes, high school athletes, weekend warriors and active people of all ages and abilities.

We have a staff of physicians, physical therapists, certified athletic trainers, sports massage therapists, physiologists, biomechanists, nutritionists, and coaches who will work together to provide you with the same type of care Olympic athletes receive.

We can help you prevent injuries, rehabilitate current injuries, improve your performance and help you maximize your athletic potential.

As part of a community hospital we accept most insurance plans.  We will help you determine if your insurance will cover the cost of the treatment you need or want.!


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