:: AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Defy Gravity.  Supplement your training with the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill and improve aerobic conditioning without increasing the risk of stress-related injury.  It provides accurate unweighting for significant reduction in ground reaction force.  Athletes, coaches, and trainers know at a certain point more sports training will cause damage or their quality will decrease.  The AlterG treadmill gives options to cross-train without getting injured.


"As a competitive cyclist and a former runner forced into "retirement" due to a knee injury; I wish I had the AlterG for rehab years ago. For current crosstraining it is awesome" ~Phil 

"Instead of going to the track to do traditional speedwork intervals, I can set the AlterG at 10K race pace and create recovery periods by decreasing body weight. I'm able to accumulate more time at 10K race pace for increased neuromuscular training without accumulating additional physiological fatigue!" ~ Rob  

Sports Performance Training

Training with the AlterG allows you to train longer, run faster, gain additional strength and enhance cardiovascular performance:

  • Overspeed training
  • Interval training
  • Lateral movement training
  • Backwards running drills up to 10 mph in reverse
  • Up / Down Hill training at up to 15% incline.

Maximize Fitness During Sports Rehabilitation

Athletes need to be able to maintain high fitness levels while they are injured or recovering from competitions.  Match the aerobic intensity of an athlete's workout and lower the impact on the body by using a combination of adjustable variables:

  • Weight adjustment (100% to 20% weight-bearing in 1% increments)
  • Speed adjustment (0 mph to 18 mph)
  • Incline adjustments (0% to 15%)

Injury Recovery

For post-operative and post-injury patients, the AlterG's unique unweighting treadmill provides the opportunity to include closed kinetic chain functional rehabilitation earlier than ever before.  AlterG is FDA approved to safely provide physical therapy rehab for any lower extremity patients who are at least 25% partial weight bearing and allowed to flex and extend their hip, knee, and ankle through a limited range of motion.

Anti-Gravity What?

The unweighting effect is achieved in the AlterG by using air in a pressure-controlled chamber to gently lift the user.  Precise calibration using the AlterG technology allows for very specific unweighting from 100-20% of the users body weight in 1% increments.  Users have to wear the special AlterG shorts while they are in the treadmill.

AlterG Shorts

Using the AlterG requires the use of their patented AlterG shorts to create the seal necessary to maintain pressure in the AlterG cockpit.  Gentle lifting pressure along with the comfort of the shorts allows users to train longer.  Boulder Center for Sports Medicine has shorts available for use ranging in sizes S-XL.  If you plan on using the AlterG on a regular basis as part of your training, you may prefer to purchase your own pair of shorts.  These are available for purchase at the Center for $75 a pair.  Ask for details at our front desk.

Scheduling the AlterG

AlterG sessions can be scheduled in 30 minute increments.  Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time to change into the AlterG shorts.  If you are late for your appointment, you will be charged for the entire session, but you will be asked to end your session at the scheduled time.  Gotta keep things going!

There will be a trained BCSM staff member present to assist you with your session.

To schedule an AlterG session, call (303) 544-5700 today.

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