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What is Hudson Training Systems?

Hudson Training Systems at Boulder Center for Sports Medicine is an official USATF registered club and coaching service based at Boulder Center for Sports Medicine in Boulder, Colorado.  In addition to World-Renowned coach Brad Hudson, the coaching staff includes assistant coach  James Carney, a 2x US Champion. The coaching staff  designs personalized training plans to help you achieve your individual race goals.   

What are your HTS Coaching Options?

There are two main options for coaching: a custom coaching service and general training plans targeting various abilities and race distances. Both of these services are available to local and distant athletes alike.   Check out the HTS Coaching Options page for more details, benefits, and pricing structure.

What are the expectations of the coaching staff?

  1. Provide personalized training plans customized to fit your goals and reach your potential.

  2. Motivate you to train hard.

  3. Respond to any questions you have about training and racing.

  4. Discuss racing techniques and your optimal race plan.

What are the athlete’s responsibilities?

  1. Following the training plan.

  2. Let us know of any injury, illnesses, or any other issues that may affect training.

  3. Update the training log at least weekly.


Why Hire A Coach?

There are many reasons to hire a coach.  First and foremost, the most important role of the coach is to motivate and to keep the athlete healthy.  A coach cannot only make you work harder than you ever have before, but can also keep you from over-training so that you can reach your goals and have fun doing it!  For Hudson Training Systems, there are three coaches with decades of experiences that can help answer any questions you may have on goal-setting, workouts, nutrition, motivation, stretching, ancillary work, and strength training advice.  Hiring a coach also puts the pressure on you to do the work – which is a very important factor in achieving your dreams!


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