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Fees for Full Coaching Services

Hudson Training Systems at Boulder Center for Sports Medicine is offering run coaching services for both local and online athletes.  

Service Fee
Initiation Fee (excluding 1x Training Plan)


1x Training Plan (5k, 10k, half-marathon, marathon)


Online Only Athlete $150/month
Facility Athlete $200/month*
1:1 Coaching Session $150/hr
HTS Camps TBD per individual camp

 *20% Discount on all cash pay (non-insurance) Sport Science Services, including AlterG, 3D Bike Fit, PhysiologyTesting, Gait Analysis, Nutrition Services, Indoor Cycling, Massage, Trigger Point Dry Needling, Pilates, and Gravity Training.

What are your HTS Coaching Options?

There are two main options for coaching: a custom coaching service and general training plans targeting various abilities and race distances.

Custom Plans:

  • Personalized coaching by professional athletes/coaches Brad Hudson, and James Carney.   Training logs will be organized through Training Peaks. This is the most personalized service available because we will be able to read and review your training log as soon as you update it.

  • Initial hour-long consultation for clients regarding trainings, goals, and any questions.
  • Unlimited e-mail communication regarding all aspects of your training.
  • This is not a static training plan.  If you are sick, injured, inclement weather, etc, we work with you to have the best training program for you as an individual.
  • At least weekly meetings at local Denver/Boulder area locations for workouts.  Coaches will be there to administer the workout, offer advice, and motivate you to reach your goals.
  • Periodic seminars on training, nutrition, biomechanics, mental training, and many other aspects of reaching your potential in distance running.
  • A “running lingo” document that explains the different types of workouts.  A great document to keep with your training log for quick reference!

General Plans:

  • More updates and information will be coming soom regarding our general plans as they are currently being revised and updated.
  • A static training plan.
  • 5k, 10k, half-marathon, or marathon training plans.
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced options. 
  • a “running lingo” document that explains the different workouts.

We love feedback!

For both custom coaching as well as the static training plans, we love to hear about your accomplishments!  


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