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At Boulder Center for Sports Medicine we believe that “If you’re active, you’re an athlete”. It is our mission to provide world-class sports medicine to everyone who seeks it. We provide care to elite athletes, collegiate athletes, high school athletes, weekend warriors and active people of all ages and abilities.

We are everything sports medicine under one roof. Our staff of physicians, physical therapists, certified athletic trainers, sports massage therapists, physiologists, biomechanists, nutritionists, and coaches will work together to provide you with the same type of care available to elite and Olympic athletes worldwide.

Boulder Center for Sports Medicine is saving one lifestyle at a time. If you are looking for a primary care physician, a physical therapist, a coach, or a great fitness class, we can help. Call today and start maximizing your full active and athletic potential. 


BoCo Loco Bike BashBoulder Center for Sports Medicine and
Boulder Neurosurgical & Spine Associates want to thank everyone who participated in the 2012 BoCo Loco Bike Bash.  It was a great success.  Thank you for supporting the Justin Parker Neurological Institute and the BVSD High School Athletic Training Program!

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