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Whether you are a top competitor or just trying to find time to train; it is beneficial to be efficient with your training time. Take the guesswork out of training by having BCSM measure your body’s actual physiological responses to exercise. All of our testing services are conducted with a highly trained Exercise Physiologist and also include an hour long consultation with a BCSM coaching specialist and /or dietician. You won’t just leave your appointment with numbers; you’ll also be armed with the ability to use them.

At BCSM we have the flexibility to test you on either your bike or the treadmill using our highly calibrated equipment. Regardless of your testing method, males over 45 and women over 55 years of age will need to have their EKG monitored throughout the testing. The results of the EKG will be interpreted by a staff physician and available for your medical records. You may opt out of this EKG if we have conducted one on you within the past two years or if this form is signed by your physician and brought to your appointment.

All of our services may be combined for comprehensive testing, we also offer group testing packages and discounts.

Physiology Testing with included Hour Long Consultations

Lactate Profile:

Lactate threshold testing is the bread and butter of our testing services. This one and half hour long service is specifically designed to determine appropriate training zones. Many people are apprehensive about this procedure, however, they are pleasantly surprised when they find the testing wasn’t nearly as hard as they imagined. After a purposefully easy start, the intensity ramps incrementally throughout the test. Throughout the test we closely monitor your lactate and glucose response, stopping you just after you’ve passed your threshold.

VO2 max Testing :  While we may stop you in the lactate testing, VO2 max is all about how hard you can push yourself. As you bring yourself to your limit we’re interested in how oxygen you’re breathing and how fast your heart is beating. The suffering is short and worthwhile because this information is important to determine physiological weaknesses.

Wingate :  Are you a sprinter or a lead out man? During the wingate test we assess how many watts you have in your legs. Do you have a high peak or is your strength sustaining a lower maximum? Both can be successful if you know your strengths and create a race plan around them.  The Wingate test is 30 seconds of all out, leg searing, glory. In addition to wattage numbers, we measure recovery lactates to better understand your ability to do it again.

FUELTest (Fuel Use Evaluation with Lactate):  Our most comprehensive package is also the best value. The 2.5 hour FUEL test includes both the lactate profile and VO2 max tests with an exercise caloric needs assessment. In addition to the physiology and caloric needs testing, a consultation with both a coach and a dietician round out the educational component. This testing provides substantial guidance and is especially popular with both beginner athletes and those training for longer events. 

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