Trending 4 Home Improvement Trends on the Rise in 2023

4 Home Improvement Trends on the Rise in 2023

Home improvement projects have become increasingly popular in recent years as homeowners seek to tailor their homes to suit their lifestyles and needs. In this article, we will explore the latest industry trends and statistics on the most popular home improvements. 

From adding an eco-friendly home office to installing a smart bathroom, there are plenty of exciting ways homeowners are updating their properties. Keep in mind that having a home warranty coverage, plumbing problems will be less of a headache to deal with if you come across one during a renovation. 

  1. Eco-Friendly Renovations 

Green remodeling, also known as environmental remodeling, involves bringing an old home up to modern energy efficiency standards. These updates can drastically reduce a building’s ecological footprint and lower utility costs for occupants. 

Many sustainable renovations are simple and inexpensive. For example, replacing traditional light bulbs with LEDs can cut energy consumption by a significant margin. Other projects call for a little more skill and upfront expense, such as adding insulation around hot water pipes. 

Repurposing is another eco-friendly option for home improvement. Manufacturers such as GlassEco and Designfinger use recycled glass, concrete, and other materials to create bespoke surfaces for kitchen worktops and splashbacks. 

Investing in eco-friendly renovations can also help your local economy. Inefficient homes consume more utilities and drive up prices for everyone, including local businesses. By investing in upgrades to make a home more efficient, you can save money on utility bills and redirect those resources back into your community. This will boost local business and limit the need for more expensive raw materials to be imported from abroad. 

  1. Multifunctional Rooms 

One of the most popular home improvement trends in 2023 is maximizing livable space with multifunctional rooms. These spaces can adapt to fit a variety of uses and can be a great addition for families with growing children or those who work from home. 

Another way homeowners can create multifunctional rooms is by adding stylish storage options. This can include custom closets, mudrooms with built-in shelving, kitchen cabinets with pull-out shelves, or stylish open shelving in bedrooms and bathrooms. 

Laundry rooms are also getting a much-needed renovation and revitalization. From artisanal backsplashes to chic areas for rinsing off shoes, these once utilitarian rooms are quickly becoming a favorite multipurpose room trend. 

  1. Smart Technology

Homeowners are interested in installing smart technology in their homes that will allow them to control lighting, temperature, appliances and other features. This is a great way to save energy, lower utility bills and create a safer, more comfortable home. 

Another popular home improvement trend is incorporating sustainable designs into a home. This includes eco-friendly features like solar panels, smart HVAC systems, low-flush toilets and other items that will help reduce a homeowner’s carbon footprint. 

Homeowners are also looking to make their homes more functional by adding multifunctional rooms. They’re renovating garages into combo game rooms and man caves, converting basements into combination home theaters and teen hangouts, and remodeling spare bedrooms into office spaces. With more and more time being spent at home, families are looking for ways to maximize livable space. 

  1. Backyard and Landscaping 

Homeowners are reimagining their backyards and front porches to create spaces for entertaining, cooking, exercising, and relaxing. They’re also focusing on creating a sense of nature in their homes, adding sliding glass doors and French windows to bring the outdoors in and expand their living spaces. 

In the garden, xeriscaping has gained popularity as homeowners embrace low-water landscaping to combat water shortages and climate change. In addition, many have switched to native plants that benefit wildlife and are less prone to drought or fires. 

A growing trend for 2023 is using reclaimed materials like wood and stone to make your home feel more unique and environmentally conscious. Choosing materials that would otherwise be thrown away helps reduce waste and supports the local economy. They’re a great way to showcase your personality without overcrowding a small space.