Betting Cricket As The Most Liked in India ‘Til This Day (2023)

Cricket As The Most Liked in India ‘Til This Day (2023)

What is it about this colonial sport that has captured the hearts of the Indian people? Everywhere turns become a cricket field, from the streets to the workplace. 

Cricket is a way of life, from the backyard game of gully cricket to the international tournament known as the World Cup.

For Indians, cricket has never been just a sport. It represents the very essence of our nation for many people here. When a major cricket match between countries like India and Pakistan, the entire country pauses what they’re doing to watch the game.

If only for the sake of the buzz, even those of us who couldn’t care less about cricket would have tuned in. This game serves as a unifying force in India.

In this piece, we’ll explore the fascination of Indians with cricket and the rise in popularity of the top cricket betting sites in the country.

What Drives The Indian’s Obsession with Cricket

The British popularized cricket in India by pushing many of the game’s defining aspects upon the locals. Because cricket was originally a male-dominated sport in England, it was only introduced to India by males. Because of this, the stereotype that cricket is a male-dominated sport has persisted.

After India gained independence, some argued that cricket should be outlawed because it hindered the country’s progress toward greater autonomy. Others, however, saw it as an opportunity to challenge established societal norms.

Every typical Indian I know naps in the afternoon and drinks tea thrice daily. This is the perfect match for us!

It’s funny that a player can stand on one side of the field the entire game and never have a chance to touch the ball. These contests might go for a whole day or even weeks!

One’s patience can be put to the ultimate test by watching a test match of cricket. The pace of this game is that slow, indeed.

The analytical and argumentative nature of Indians contributes to our fixation on the game. At every turn, you’ll hear two people bickering over cricket, politics, or nothing at all.

Lots of drama

Is there any other sport that can compare to the drama of cricket? England won the World Cup last year in the game’s final play. The Indian people make no secret of their enthusiasm for sporting events like this. Every Indian is on the edge of their seat whenever Dhoni requests a review of a call or Kohli stares expectantly at the third umpire.

It is well-known that some of the best cricket players in the world come from India

When you have some of the top players in the world on your team, it’s hard not to have fun. MS Dhoni, Virender Sehwag, Sachin Tendulkar, Gautam Gambhir, and Harbhajan Singh were on the 2011 World Cup-winning team, while Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, Ravi Shastri, and so on were on the 1983 winning team. Not to mention that Virat Kohli is the best batsman in both one-day internationals and Tests, according to the ICC.

India has always been fortunate to produce some of the world’s top athletes; today, the country continues making future stars. Kids everywhere wish they could one day achieve the level of success and renown enjoyed by people like Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar.


Money is the game’s most integral component. Television revenue and corporate sponsorship have poured millions of dollars into cricket. The financial side ensures the sport is broadcast all around the country and that everyone can watch the games on TV.

Make money on sportsbooks like if you have a good eye for the future and can consistently choose winners. With so much cricket knowledge in India, betting on cricket games is a viable option for making some extra cash.

A match can take up a whole day of your time.

You get to appreciate a game of cricket since you are riveted to the TV for hours, whereas other sports are over quickly (just 90 minutes in football). Nothing beats a day off from work spent doing nothing but relaxing with a cup of coffee and watching cricket.

It’s the ideal justification for skipping a gathering you’d instead not attend. Thanks to cricketers taking breaks for drinks, lunch, and tea, you can take care of your refreshments without missing a ball of action.

Getting the whole family into the cricket spirit

Cricket is a great way to kick back with loved ones and experience the game’s raw emotions together. Gather your friends, order pizza delivery, and watch the game together at home. You’ll feel each other’s pain as your favorite batsman is out for 99, one run short of his century, or as your side falls short in their run chase. If your team triumphs, you will feel an incredible rush of pride and satisfaction.

Everyone in India takes great pride in their country’s international cricket stars.

The Legendary Status of Cricket and the IPL

The 1983 World Cup victory by the Indian cricket team catapulted the sport to new heights of popularity in India. Since then, we’ve noticed kids playing what has become known as Gully cricket on the streets.

Kids and adults alike can get in some practice at one of India’s many coaching institutes. 

Indian cricket players became national heroes. They were and are loved by fans more than any Hollywood A-lister. Dedicated fans even erected shrines for their favorite cricket players. That’s the level of deity worship they receive.

The Indian Premier League, or IPL, plays a major role in cricket’s rise to prominence as a commercial enterprise. Insane sums of money are being poured into the industry. Since its inception in 2008, IPL has amassed a fortune of Rs. 47,000 crores. IPL commercials used blaring pop music and featured teams owned by major celebrities.

Even more so in India, cricket has always had talent and exposure. It’s a shame that hockey, badminton, athletics, and other sports with tremendous skill and huge trophies were neglected.

More coverage of various sports on Indian television would help raise awareness of the country’s growing athletic culture. It’s past time we gave them the accolades they merit.


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