Casino Five of the most spectacular comebacks in sports history

Five of the most spectacular comebacks in sports history

Getting back to the top is never easy. Ismail Nugroho recalls some amazing stories from the world of sports.

Five of the most spectacular comebacks in sports history

A comeback is a high-profile spectacular victory of athletes whose loss was accepted by even the most loyal fans. The most colourful comebacks of players and teams are remembered all over the world.

The greatest comeback in motorsports

Indianapolis 500. Canadian Jacques Villeneuve, in his second season in the IndyCar Series, started from fifth place, not very aggressively because he feared a crash. After the yellow flags appeared on the track and, as a consequence, the safety car, the athlete was the leader of the race. But instead of following the pace car, he overtook it twice, for which he received two penalty laps. By the way, Indian review casino sites offer several slots on the theme of motorsport, where the situation during the game can also develop according to an unexpected scenario.

It seemed that there was no chance to win. But Villeneuve caught up with his rivals, took second place and confidently went to the finish line, claiming silver. Unexpectedly, his main competitor also received a penalty, but without a chance to win back. The Canadian finished first to the deafening roar of the spectators.

A resounding comeback in baseball

The American League Baseball finals were remembered for a resounding comeback. The Red Sox and Yankees made it to the finals. The first game turned out to be a rout for the Boston team. The score of 8-0 left no chance for victory. All the players managed to do was to win one point, which did not change the situation at all. The third meeting was decisive, as a loss meant a hundred percent departure. Further, it was even more interesting – the score after the eighth inning was 13:6 in favor of the New York athletes, and in the final result – 19:8. Then followed a series of similar defeats. But in the final meeting, the unbelievable happened. 

Brilliant comeback in the boxing ring

The fight, which took place in 1974 in Zaire, went down in the history of world sport. At the fight met two of the strongest rivals Mohammed Ali and George Foreman. In the first rounds, Foreman held an unchallenged lead. He delivered crushing blows that seemed to be about to put his opponent out of action. According to the champion, he even began to hallucinate. And then, when George’s fans began to celebrate the victory, there was an incredible turning point. In the 8th round, Ali concentrated his efforts and began a furious counterattack. The referee was forced to stop the fight and award Mohammed a deserved victory.

Snooker: a scintillating comeback on the pool table

Snooker peaked in popularity in the 1980s. In 1985, the world championship final took place. Rivals Steve Davis (27 years old) and Dennis Taylor (36 years old) had the opportunity to break the World Cup record set in 1976. Davis, a three-time champion, started confidently, winning the first eight frames. But his fans credited the victory to their idol early on.

Taylor seemed to wake up. He sharply cut the score to 9-8, then leveled the score, and seemed to lose his luck. With 17:15 on the scoreboard, his last hopes were dashed. But in the deciding frame, with only two balls left, Taylor pulled himself together and pulled off the most incredible comeback in snooker history.

Basketball: the leader in the game in terms of swoops

Tracy McGrady, who played for the Houston Rockets, made basketball history by scoring 13 points in 42 seconds. The legendary game took place in San Antonio. Tressi’s team was losing to their opponents by 8 points. A turning point in the game seemed impossible. But the athlete managed to do the incredible – in less than one minute he scored 13 points, thanks to which the Houston Rockets won a fabulous victory.

A ridiculous basketball comeback took place at the NCAA college championship. The case was at the Virginia – Louisville game when the team managed to score 4 decisive points just 0.9 seconds before the end of the game. Louisville’s athlete, who was introducing the ball, broke the rules and then passed the shell to the opponents. And then a miracle happens: the Cavs receive the ball and, despite the difficult position, jump out and throw the ball just to the side of the ring. The stands went wild when the ball hit the backboard and went smoothly into the basket.

Sports comebacks in different sports

As practice shows, unexpected, fantastic comebacks occur not so rarely. Therefore, you should never lose faith in your idols. At any moment, the situation can change and bring victory to someone who seems to have irrevocably gone off the rails. The best comebacks are noted in such sports as:

  • basketball;
  • football;
  • snooker;
  • boxing;
  • motorsport;
  • hockey;
  • tennis;
  • speed skating.

And this is not a complete list. The main thing is to believe in luck, to be able to sublimate energy, to use the hidden possibilities of the organism and to make friends with luck.


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