Betting How to Become a Professional Bettor in 2024

How to Become a Professional Bettor in 2024

Becoming a professional bettor requires skills. You must know how to choose the right bet with the most value. It is also crucial to choose the right platform, like for your gaming pleasure. Additionally, you must understand the uniqueness of different games.

Even if you cannot keep up with all the games, take the time to understand those you want to specialize in. These are the starting points of becoming a professional bettor in 2024. Well, there is more, and we will delve into these in this post.

How to Identify Value as a Pro Bettor

As mentioned, choosing the right bet with the most value is crucial to your betting adventure. So, how do you identify value as you journey to become a professional bettor?

#1: Skip the Odds and Focus on First Thing First – Research

Many bettors focus on odds, bonuses, promotions, and the like without paying attention to a critical aspect of betting – understanding the game. If you are betting on a sports event, research everything about the sport and teams first before checking the available odds at a bookmaker.

Checking for the best odds before knowing all about the game you want to wager on is like putting the cart before the horse. Most times, it ends in disaster.

#2: Predict the Outcome

Do not get to the bookie’s site before you think of your prediction. Determine the outcome of a game based on your analysis before you start the betting process. Betting as a professional requires you to decide whether a game will end in a win, draw, or loss for a team. This has nothing to do with assumption. You must base your prediction on critical analysis to achieve accuracy.

#3: Set Odds and Compare them with the Bookie’s

Each odds set has its implied probability, which you can calculate by yourself. You can also explore online resources to calculate odds. When you have set your odds, you can proceed to your chosen bookmakers’ sites to compare the odds. Ensure you choose bookmakers that offer odds that are close to what you set.

It is crucial to remember that you will not always win your bets, regardless of your expertise. That is why it is crucial to bet small percentages of your bankroll at all times. Also, choose games and bets with small edges.

If you can achieve 5% profit on your wagers over a period, you are on the right track to becoming a professional punter. Most successful bettors only have 55% – 60% accuracy for their bet predictions. It is almost impossible to achieve 80%.

Other Tips to Help You Become a Better Bettor

  • Do not base your decisions on your gut feeling alone. Use stats to make accurate decisions. When you know how to use, interpret, and manage stats, you have a higher chance of becoming more profitable.
  • Build a bankroll you can afford to lose. Winning is not guaranteed, irrespective of your expertise. Therefore, you must be ready for eventualities if things do not go your way.
  • Use tested betting strategies to tilt the odds in your favor. You can consider using arbitrage betting, matched betting, hedge betting, statistics, and more to improve your winning chances.

Finally, set betting goals and keep track of all betting records. Additionally, efficiently manage your bankroll and never bet when under emotional, drug, or alcohol influence.

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