Betting How to Understand Cricket Betting Odds

How to Understand Cricket Betting Odds

Cricket is by far the most popular sport in India and betting on the sport is increasing in popularity. The potential gains are enormous, and the action is always entertaining. But if you’ve never bet on cricket before, you might not understand the odds. 

Here we will give you all the information you need to make sense of cricket betting odds. Once you understand them, you can use your knowledge of odds for many sports, such as at UK horse racing betting sites, basketball, kabaddi and more!

What Are Cricket Betting Odds?

Odds are the possibility that a particular result will occur during an event or match. The odds of 2 to 1 betting odds (2/1 or 2:1) are largely viewed as the easiest to understand since they are displayed in unambiguous decimal numbers. Odds of 2:1 mean that there is a 2 in 3 chance of that team winning. 

Let’s assume that there is a test between India and England and that the odds for an Indian win are 2:1. Should you bet ₹500 on India, you would win back ₹1,000, plus your original stake.

Odds can be presented in different formats. The best cricket betting sites will let you have them displayed in your favourite format.

  • Fractional Odds: Fractional odds are most often utilized at UK betting sites. Examples of typical fractional odds include 3/1 and 7/5. In essence, they stand for the profit in relation to your wager.
  • Decimal Odds: Most bettors believe these sorts of odds to be the most simple because decimal odds are stated plainly. The decimal odds are shown as 5.0, 7.1, etc.
  • American Odds: Based on a set of decimal odds, you win a specific amount for each unit bet. They could be shown as +131 or -178, but there are a lot of different options.

It must be mentioned that odds are a prediction of the outcome, and should only be used as a guide. When you are using online cricket betting sites, do not place your bet based on the odds alone; make sure that you use the history of cricket when wagering.

Different Types of Cricket Bets

Online sportsbooks have provided various betting opportunities that may be made as well as picking the winning side. Every bet will have different odds and many of them will be live bets, meaning that they can be placed while the match is being played!

An innovative feature of online cricket betting is the ability to gamble on the overall number of runs that will be scored.

Some of the unique opportunities include;

  • Method of dismissal
  • Coin toss win
  • Team/Player with the most sixes
  • Best Batsman
  • First 50 runs
  • First 6 overruns
  • And many more!

Cricket Betting Tips

Here are a few pointers to enhance your cricket betting experience.

  • Choose the best betting sites. Do some research to discover the top cricket betting sites.
  • Make sure you are up-to-date with the latest cricket news. Visit reputable sites such as official cricket team sites or the ICC Cricket website for the latest news.
  • Do some odds shopping. Check the odds at reputable online cricket betting sites to make sure that you are getting the best odds before placing your bets.
  • If you are placing an accumulator bet, the risk of selecting all the favourites is very high. This was true in the 2022 Twenty/20 tournament. Gujarat Titans only became favourites on the day that they won the final!
  • Use your cricket knowledge. If you have been following cricket for a while, you will have a better understanding of the teams and the cricket grounds, and how they perform when playing a certain format.

Cricket Is Coming To Esports

With the exciting news that cricket is now represented in esports like the Top 8 Best Worldwide Biggest Esports Teams In 2022. Thanks to Red Bull M.E.O. we can anticipate that it will hopefully gain its own esports platform soon. This will add further betting opportunities and cricket live betting odds at your favourite online sportsbook! 


Now that you understand cricket betting odds a little better, you are one step closer to making more informed cricket bets. Don’t forget to check out our cricket page for more cricket insights and cricketer’s profiles.


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