Casino Is Aviator an excellent way to make money?

Is Aviator an excellent way to make money?

As with any other casino game, Aviator allows winning money. Though, the question is: “Does it give a guaranteed way to get a stable income?” Or can it give a jackpot?

A short answer is: as any chance game, Aviator gives a chance to win good money. Moreover, that chance appears frequently compared with slots or table games. But you must follow specific rules, clues, and strategic algorithms to make that dream come true on sites like

Let’s explore ways and tricks to play that crash game that keeps a leading position among other titles in that genre. Aviator is a gem when we use analytical tools to build an optimal strategy.

Can we earn money from Aviator?

The first thing that you should consider playing Aviator is the goal. The game offers several play styles:

  • gaming on low coefficients with frequent but small wins;
  • gaming on high multipliers with big but rare wins;
  • a medium risk gaming on average coefficients.

And you can switch between all 3 at any time!

What’s the point? 

  1. Aviator gameplay consists of rounds. 
  2. You make a bet within a 5-second window. 
  3. Then watch a plane flying, and tap the cashout button when you feel it is needed. 
  4. It would be best if you managed it right before the plane flew away. 
  5. When the plane flies, you see a multiplier counting. 
  6. And your win is your bet multiplied by that coefficient that appeared at the cashout moment.

So, when you cash out on low coefficients, you get wins almost every round because the plane always starts flying on x1.0. And when you hunt for high multipliers, you get rare wins because they rarely happen:

  • x10-range hit happens somewhere in 20–30 rounds;
  • and x100+ hit appears once an hour.

To win small but stable, you can play on low coefficients. To win big, you need to know when to expect the high hit. And most importantly, you need to have a good reaction! So you manage to cash out right when you need it.

How much can you earn from the Aviator game?

Aviator provides multipliers from x1.0 to x1,000,000. In theory, you can win 1 million dollars from 1 dollar bet. 

In fact, it’s better to root on x2-x5 or x20-x50:

  1. A first range happens almost always. So you get 2—5 dollars on each dollar spent.
  2. And the 2nd range appears several times a day. So you get 20 — 50 dollars on each one spent.

Note that each casino has its minimum and maximum bet limits. And if you play crypto, consider prices on crypto exchanges. Also, a casino might limit minimum and maximum withdrawals, so it’s better to read T&C before starting gambling.

Is the Aviator money game real or fake?

Aviator is indeed real, speaking of real money wins. It has a 97% RTP higher than in slots and most table games.

And if we speak about the game’s fairness, it’s also real. It works on RNG and Provably Fair technologies. Random Number Generator provides long digit strings out of random. The Provably Fair tech is based on cryptography:

  1. These long strings of numbers are generated on several independent servers. One of them is the operator’s server. Three others are on the players’ side.
  2. The program compiles one string from 4 sequences.
  3. That sequence generates an outcome of a round. 

You can check any result of the game. Tap on the Provably Fair logo to learn more about the technology. The icon is at the bottom of the game screen. And tap on any outcome in the round history at the top of the game screen — to learn about strings and the outcome generation process. Everything is transparent.

Is there any strategy for Aviator?

Thanks to the RNG base, no strategy gives 100% wins. They are helpful to reduce risks and maximize profits. Most imply frequent losses, so having a big bankroll is better.

The strategies can be divided into 2 primary classifications. Look at the table below:

Risk level Bet changing
High-risk strategy (high multipliers)

Low-risk system (low coefficients)

Medium (balancing multipliers)

Flat strategy (all bets have the same amount)

Positive progressions (increase a bet when won)

Negative progressions (increase when lost)


Examples of progression strategies: Martingale, Paroli, Fibonacci, Laboushere, etc. The Internet has tons of schemes for how these systems work.

Aviator has unique features: 

  • 2 bet options;
  • Autoplay mode;
  • Auto Cashout.

So the 2 bet strategy includes various combinations of strategies. For example, you can set one control panel on flat strategy with autoplay and auto cashout on low coefficients. The 2nd control panel might be a manual play with a progression strategy, increasing and decreasing stakes on specific moments.

Thanks to that, you get infinite tactics and strategies to improve your chances of winning. Always test them in the demo mode. The free demo helps check out if the selected strategy works as planned, leading you to bigger wins and lower risks.


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