Betting Ranking the Top Female Footballers Worldwide in 2023

Ranking the Top Female Footballers Worldwide in 2023

In 2023, women’s football is shining brighter than ever, showcasing a group of amazing players who have shaped the game with their skill, strength, and spirit. The Top Female Footballers Worldwide have set unparalleled standards, marking remarkable milestones in the sport’s history. From seasoned veterans like Lucy Bronze, renowned for her integral role in England’s successes, to rising stars like Lena Oberdorf, who at a tender age exhibits formidable prowess, the diversity in skill and style is vast. These athletes, each with her unique flair, have sculpted the narrative of women’s football, achieving individual triumphs and leading their teams to collective victories. 

Listed below are top female footballers worldwide in 2023

Lucy Bronze

Lucy Bronze has exhibited some of her finest form, playing an instrumental role in securing England’s Euro 2022 victory. Her transition to Barcelona at the onset of the 22/23 season enabled her to make history by becoming the first woman to clinch the UEFA Women’s Champions League with two different clubs, capping off a remarkable season with the Catalans. Just as players explore different betting in belgium to test their luck and skill, Bronze’s versatile career showcases her adaptability and prowess in various teams. Currently enlisted in Sarina Wiegman’s 23-player squad and poised for her third World Cup appearance with England, and with more than 100 caps to her name, the two-time BBC Women’s Footballer of the Year has earned her place as one of the most respected and accomplished defenders of her generation.

Caroline Graham Hansen

Caroline Graham Hansen, a player who often goes unnoticed, is heralded as one of the most technically adept players of all time. Despite a challenging period with injuries, the Norway international adeptly creates scoring opportunities and finds the goal with remarkable ease. In playing a crucial role during the culmination of Barcelona’s quest for another Champions League title, the 28-year-old demonstrated her invaluable contribution to the team and is eager to bring such excellence to Norway’s World Cup aspirations. 

Wendie Renard

Wendie Renard represents one of the highest standards in defending that the women’s game has witnessed. The 21/22 season was noteworthy for the centre-back, as she continued to display her prowess by adding another Champions League trophy to her collection. Although the 22/23 season didn’t unfold as expected, her significant impact remained evident in domestic leagues, international engagements, and the Champions League journey. 

Keira Walsh

Keira Walsh undeniably earns her place in the list of top footballers, having risen to become England’s most valuable player and setting a record as the most expensive female footballer to date with her transfer from Manchester City to Barcelona. Despite having been somewhat underappreciated in recent years, this midfielder has gained significant recognition over the past 12 months. 

Image Source: Keira Walsh

Lena Oberdorf

Lena Oberdorf has become a well-known name in women’s football, credited to her truly exceptional performance for Germany. She has swiftly marked her territory as one of the premier midfielders in the game, showcasing formidable defensive abilities and never backing down from a challenge. With a bright future ahead, the potential for this young player is boundless. 

Aitana Bonmati

Renowned for her exceptional vision, pace, and ability to dictate the flow of a game, Aitana Bonmati has emerged as one of the most discussed players in recent months following a remarkable season with Barcelona. A dynamic and tenacious player, Bonmati possesses the unique ability to create scoring opportunities seemingly from nowhere. She is poised to secure her position as one of the greatest footballers for years to come and is a strong contender for one of football’s most prestigious awards, the Ballon d’Or, after securing a fifth-place finish in the last campaign.


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