Betting The Best Way To Mix Shisha Flavors When Gathering With Friends

The Best Way To Mix Shisha Flavors When Gathering With Friends

If you are new to the shisha smoking culture, you may be wondering, “When is the right time to enjoy a shisha pot?”

When you gather with friends, it’s really exciting to have Hookah and Shisha to accompany you on holiday and relax, which non-smokers and even women will definitely like! It’s not heavy like smoking regular tobacco which can be very addictive and has a strong smell. 

When you enjoy a pot of shisha, you will enjoy the amazing taste and aroma that is also available in a variety of flavors. So go ahead and give it a try. Smoking Shisha is a great way to relax and unwind, and take a break from the daily routine or stress of life.

Honestly, smoking shisha is perfect at any time of the day! In the Middle East, men and women gather at shisha cafes every day to enjoy their favorite flavored shisha along with a cup of flavored tea or coffee. Truly, there is nothing more enjoyable than spending hours in a pleasant place while enjoying shisha with the taste you like. You can enjoy a pot of shisha indoors or outdoors, but if you’re outdoors, why not take advantage of the beauty of the outdoors where you can sit outside comfortably on a warm, cool afternoon or evening?

You can enjoy shisha alone, but it’s always a better experience if you’re with a favorite friend, so you can share a few hours of slow, relaxed, unplanned conversation amidst the fragrant smoke of your flavored tobacco. Smoking with a companion will also help keep the embers burning longer and the tobacco at optimal temperature. If the smoke gets too hot, use tongs to remove a charcoal or two.

One of the most exciting things about smoking shisha is that you can freely mix and match all your favorite flavors to create new ones!

Shisha is typically enjoyed with flavored tobacco, which is intentionally mixed to mimic the flavors of fruits, desserts and drinks. This is why there is a lot of appeal to shisha smokers. Besides spending hours and relaxing, this is a fun activity to do with friends, so you can share a few hours of unhurried, relaxed and unplanned conversation amidst the fragrant smoke of your flavored tobacco. By mixing and matching your favorite shisha flavors, you will create new flavors that you can enjoy together.

If you are new to shisha, try mixing two types of flavors together, for example, mixing two fruit aromas. This way, you will get harmonious flavors like apple, grape, and orange. Or you can try mixing fruit flavors with mint flavored tobacco so you get a nice fruity mint aroma.

If you think it would taste good as a meal combo, then it probably would taste good on a shisha too!

Another great example is mixing chocolate flavored tobacco with mint, so you get a nice cool, minty and chocolatey taste. Our personal favorite flavor is caramel with milk. You can also mix milk-flavored tobacco with fruity aromas such as strawberry and rose.

The fun never ends with smoking shisha. There’s always something new to try all the time. Sometimes, the best flavor combinations are created by accident, so don’t stop trying and experimenting!


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