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These are the 7 Most Popular Sports In India

India is a large country, with over 1.3 billion people. This is more than twice the population of Europe. Despite its size, India is not well-known in the sport world – at least not globally. What is the country’s relationship to sport? What are the most popular sports in the country? And what is the youth’s interest in it?

We take a look at seven of the most beloved sports that Indians will be crazy about, also, your attention is presented with the opportunity business homework help from our partners!

1. Cricket

It is impossible to begin the list without mentioning India’s beloved cricket. Cricket is a popular sport in India. You can find it played in casual groups at schools or in professional matches against the best cricket players around the world. India is home to some of the most talented cricket players in the world and is a major player in the World Cup.

2. Kabaddi

While other Indian sports like badminton or hockey might have taken the third spot in the past few years, kabaddi is now back at the center of Indian sports.

Kabaddi, one of the most popular traditional Indian sports has seen a resurgence with the unexpected rise of the Pro-Kabaddi League which is held every year in various Indian cities. The PKL was second in India’s most popular league, behind only the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2014.

Kabaddi has a strong viewer base with willing sponsors and is well-positioned to attract viewers in rural areas. This is due to its popularity and new viewers learning about the sport.

At the moment, Iran and India are the top two kabaddi-playing nations in the world. Till 2017, India won all of the Kabaddi World cups.


Football, a close second to cricket in popularity, enjoys widespread viewership in IndiaThe nation hosts various international football events and features prominently on betting sites like Mostbet, where enthusiasts can engage with the sport through the exhilarating Aviator Mostbet game where sports and gaming converge for an unparalleled experience.

4. Badminton

Indian players are more likely to watch football and field hockey than badminton. Badminton Association of India manages the sport and there are some great players who can play it well. India has won several medals at the Olympics in badminton.

5. Wrestling

Wrestling, like kabaddi has an undercurrent of rural India. India has won many medals at major wrestling tournaments.

Wrestling with Indians has become synonymous with the akhadda-style sport. Although professional wrestling is different from traditional Indian wrestling, the basic principles of the sport are the same.

Indian grapplers recently made an impact on the international stage, winning at least one medal at each Olympics since 2008 Beijing Games. Sushil Kumar is an Indian Olympian and a two-time Olympic gold medalist. Sushil isn’t the only one. There are many grapplers who have won medals at international tournaments.

With the success of box office hits like Sultan, Dangal and Dangal, wrestling has seen an increase in popularity.

This was inspired by the true story of Geeta Phogat, a women wrestler who won a gold medal at an international major event.

These movies play an important role in educating people about the sports they are unfamiliar with. Although it may seem impossible to surpass the popularity of cricket, it is essential that the country develops a culture of sports for future success in major tournaments.


In India, basketball is a popular sport in high schools, colleges and universities. It is a popular sport among the younger generation, and is enjoyed by both men as well as women. When organising basketball championships, Indian basketball is currently following the FIBA International Basketball Federation rules.


Chess has been a popular sport in India for the past two decades. Viswanathan, a former World Champion and Grandmaster of chess, is the reason for this. Anand is a hero of India. His rise in the game has inspired many youngsters to learn chess.

These are the top seven sports that Indians enjoy watching and playing. Indians love their sport and will watch or play their favourite games whenever they can. While cricket is our favourite sport, we believe other sports are close behind.