Betting This is why 1xBet has one of the best mobile apps for iOS and Android

This is why 1xBet has one of the best mobile apps for iOS and Android

Similar to most online gambling websites, the betting apps themselves also look pretty similar. Sure, some sites offer slightly more exclusive products, but if you take a look at the majority of the bookies and casinos, their apps have the same things.

The good news is that there are some exceptions because the 1xbet app offers a variety of the most popular transaction methods that are not available on other websites. As a result, the company has a lot more things to offer than the rest, and users often choose it because of those things.

The 1xBet app is available in all countries where the site is accessible. Since it uses permission from a popular regulator, clients can expect to find it all over the world. 1xBet has a lot of cool things on its desktop and site, and it also offers them on the mobile platform, which is why this article will go over the things that allow this company to have one of the leading applications.

The option to choose from many languages

One of the key things that every international bookie and casino needs to offer to its users is different kinds of language options. Sadly, only a few websites succeed in it, which is why many people are forced to use apps and other services in languages they’re not familiar with. Luckily, 1xBet is home to a lot of options, so people who choose this mobile application do not need to worry about those kinds of things.

When taking a look at the mobile app of 1xBet or the company’s site, we can see that it offers multiple language options. Most people will probably choose English because this is the default option. However, clients can also choose from French, German, Bulgarian, Turkish, Russian, and many other options.

Usually, the websites that offer so many language options use things like Google Translate or similar services because it allows them to save money. However, this is not the case here because 1xBet employed native speakers to translate everything. As a result, those using mobile apps can read everything in their own language.

The mobile app of 1xBet has a lot of different settings you can play with

If we take a look at 1xBet’s desktop site, we can see that there are several options located near the language drop menu. Those things are also available to mobile users, and people who decide to give them a try will see that they can change a lot of things.

Starting with the timezone, clients can pick whatever works best for them, and this will allow them to keep track of more things while gambling. However, the option that’s more interesting to 1xBet’s mobile users is in the settings wheel because it allows them to adjust the sports betting options.

Once you click on this thing, the first thing you will see is that 1xBet will allow you to choose from several odds formats. Even though most sites usually have just a few options, here, there are more than 6 alternatives. Mobile clients can pick from the UK, US, Decimal, Malaysian, and more.

Once ready, the next option is related to the market view, which is where you can choose the full or short version. Both have pros and cons, but most mobile app users prefer the shorter version because it’s easier to see on a mobile screen.

Finally, this option also allows you to choose different settings that can affect your overall playing experience. For example, you can decide whether you want to see the Acca of the day or move the video while scrolling on the application.

Live Chat

Another feature special to 1xBet’s mobile app for iOS and Android is the live chat option available in the bottom-right corner of your screen. With it, you can contact the customer support team and ask different questions about the app or any of the things that it offers.

It’s worth knowing that 1xBet is one of the many gambling companies that use third-party customer support agencies to handle its queries. This is not ideal because the people who work there don’t always know what they’re doing. As a result, people may not find the answer they need, or they will have to wait a lot for it.

Since most 1xbet app users are not happy with that, they prefer to read the Terms and Conditions and other important documents before that. Doing this will allow them to get familiar with most of the rules, so they won’t need to use the live chat that much.

Keep in mind that the live chat in 1xBet’s app is different from the one that can help with gambling problems or something similar.

There is a phone number 

It is rare to come across an international iGaming operator that offers a dedicated phone number people can use to ask questions. However, those who use the 1xBet mobile app on their device can use the number to ask different questions. Of course, this is an international number, so you may have to pay something to use it, depending on your location. Due to these reasons, a lot of people prefer to rely on the live chat.

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