Betting Tips For Creating a Recognisable Logo in 2024

Tips For Creating a Recognisable Logo in 2024

Logos are the cornerstone of any successful marketing. They help to establish your brand name and will create an image that will hopefully stick with your audience. Brand logos can be so recognisable that there are even mobile games offering quizzes on them. It will make your business immediately identifiable and likeable as they convey your message to the people you try to reach. Continue reading and we’ll present you with some case studies that may give you inspiration!

Big Brands Reflect the Business 

A company logo should reflect what the company does and who they are as a brand. It should also be easily recognizable by the audience, and ideally, they should be able to draw it or make a gesture that everyone can understand; think about Nike’s swoosh or McDonald’s famous “M.” Everyone knows what these logos mean from their shapes and colours. For instance, Red Tiger slots are popular, not only because of the quality of the games but also because their logo perfectly represents the brand with an eye-catching red and the outline of a tiger.

The Impact of Colour Choices in Casino Branding

Picking the right colours for your logo is important because each colour means something and can convey emotions. Sure, you could go the rainbow road, but even Apple dropped that in the 1980s.

With logos one should, however, limit the number of colours on to a grand maximum of three, but less is usually more. In the online casino world, most companies will choose bright and vibrant colours and just like on the double colour scheme tends to be the most popular. When it comes to the nuance of the colour logo, its often said that it shouldn’t be too flashy as to the eye, but not too faded, or people may not even identify it as a logo and will forget it.

Sports Teams Keep It Clean

Take a good look at the sports teams’ logos, it doesn’t matter which modality, if American football, cricket or basketball. The key to their successful logos is that less is more; as the more elements in the logo, the harder it is to identify. The best is sticking to basic shapes and trying to represent what the brand or team is trying to convey with the minimum number of lines possible.

Additionally, the logo should have some breathing room. If the logo is in a square or a circle, it should have a bit of space between what’s inside and the geometrical shape, but not too much. The inside element of a logo should also be distinct from this background shape, especially if you want part of it to spill over the shape for a perspective effect, like the Chicago Bulls logo.

Extra Tips to Creating a Logo

Research The Competition

Obviously, if you’re creating a logo, you won’t be alone in your target market, and there are many companies that may already offer what you do. This is why it’s essential to research the competition and see what makes them successful or not.

Regarding logo designs, they can inspire you and help you find the right idea that will work for you. Moreover, you can adapt your logo to stand out from the competition while creating something that people will assess as part of your industry. Of course, you shouldn’t plagiarize other companies’ logos, but you should know what others do.

Create a Timeless Logo

It’s essential for your logo to work, and it’s possible to make it timeless. For instance, the National Geographic logo hasn’t aged and doesn’t need to change. Why? Mostly since it’s not over-stylized. The logo is a basic yellow rectangle, and the font isn’t using any decoration.

Once again, less is more, and you shouldn’t give in to trends that will outdate your design. That’s also why logos like Burger King’s remain the same, with the brand occasionally offering variations of its design to celebrate holidays or special occasions.

Send a Message

Should your logo convey a message or at least any sort of meaning? Yes, ideally it should! It should say something about your brand and what you do. For example, Nike’s Swoosh is in-line with the name of the brand. In Greek mythology, Nike is the Goddess of victory, and the logo represents her wings. This elongated shape conveys the sensation of speed, and the branding makes you understand that you could win as an athlete by wearing it. The message can be that you’re using natural products or that your company is a family brand with a long history.


Creating a unique logo representing your company and establishing your brand name is crucial if you want to build a successful business. It should feature distinct colours, unique simple fonts and an uncluttered design to leave a positive impression on your audience and in order to create a timeless logo.

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