Betting 3 Celebrities who Love Casinos and Gambling

3 Celebrities who Love Casinos and Gambling

There are some celebrities who have shown their love for casinos and gambling, and they have helped boost the popularity of casinos and gambling around the world. Some celebrities love to visit their favorite casino establishments in Las Vegas or in their favorite resort areas, and some others love to play casino games online, like the ones offered by sports betting in Canada.

Who are the celebrities who love casinos and gambling? Here are 3 celebrities who love casinos and gambling:

  • Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is a multi-talented celebrity who is also a great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels. Gambling has become a part of her lifestyle, with blackjack being her favorite casino game to play. Aside from blackjack, Paris Hilton also loves playing poker, and her love for the world of casinos and gambling has helped increase the popularity of many casino businesses around the world. 

Online casino games are also becoming more popular thanks to celebrities like Paris Hilton, who love to share her love for casino games with her fans. Her “achievements” in blackjack include winning the $50,000 when she played blackjack at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City. 

  • Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is a celebrity that stars in the movie Ocean’s Eleven released in 2001. This movie tells a story about the robbers who are planning a big heist at a popular casino establishment. Before starring in this movie, Brad Pitt needed to learn about the casino lifestyle and how to play various casino games. He fell in love with casinos and gambling because of that.

Even today, two decades after the release of Ocean’s Eleven, Brad Pitt still visits casinos and plays some casino games there. In the past, he loved to go to Las Vegas and enjoyed his time to gamble there. However, though he still loves to play casino games, he is now gambling less often than before.

  • Matt Damon

Matt Damon took a role in the movie Rounders, released in 1998, which tells a story about the life of a high-stake poker player. This was the movie that helped raise the popularity of poker in 1998. For his role in this movie, Matt Damon needed to learn about the way high-stake poker players play their poker games and how they win in poker.

Matt Damon fell in love with the world of poker after starring in Rounders, and since then, he has seen gambling in various places throughout the years. He has taken part in various poker tournaments, and he has also experienced his wins and losses in poker. He is one celebrity that has helped increase the popularity of poker, so that this game can reach more and more people around the world.


These are the celebrities who love casinos and gambling. These celebrities love to play various casino games and gamble their money just for fun. There are also celebrities who love to play casino games online and take part in the live casino games to play with human dealers in real time.

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