Betting 7 Technological Advances in the Gaming Industry

7 Technological Advances in the Gaming Industry

Gambling has been around for centuries, but the introduction of the internet in the 1990s brought it to a turning point. Because of the rapid advancement of technology, the gaming industry is also continuously evolving. Even more people turned to online gaming as a form of entertainment when the pandemic hit. 

Unsurprisingly, virtual gambling is also gaining traction in India. Data science and blockchain technology give way to establishing the best online casinos in India.  The legality of Indian online casinos has also contributed to the gaming industry’s growth in the country. 

Ram Rao Oak, an online gaming expert, discussed seven advances in gaming technology. Feel free to learn more about them here.

Impressive Advances in Gaming Technology

There are many ways to know how to choose the best online casinos. This includes technological advancements that evolve quickly and improve players’ gaming experience. 

Below are seven impressive advances in gaming industry technology:

1. Enhanced VR and AR Technology

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are advanced technologies that offer an upgraded gaming experience through a simulated game. AR will elevate the environment by adding digital elements to a live view of the game. VR is an environmental simulation that replaces the background with a virtual environment. 

Some casinos offer VR games where players wear headsets to get the feeling of playing in a land-based casino. Meanwhile, AR technology improves the players’ online gaming experience by giving a 360-degree view of the casino. 

Cutting-edge advancement technology provides realistic graphics. Also, Ultra 4k gaming with at least 4,000 pixels makes the gaming experience more immersive with unmatched colours and sharpness.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is one of the technologies that significantly improved the gaming industry. It’s an interactive experience where non-player characters (NPC) act creatively as if controlled by a human player. Players can expect a mesmeric gaming experience on their desktop or mobile and wearable devices through this technology. 

The latest AI technology provides the best graphics. It creates a virtual environment and NPCs that make players feel that they are in a land-based or live casino.

3. Facial Recognition, Voice, and Motion Control

Through facial recognition and 3D scanning technology, players can have an avatar that looks like them. Some facial recognition technology can even adapt to the player’s facial features, such as a grimace or a smile, by scanning different angles of the player’s face. 

Players may no longer need to use their controllers because computers and other devices can now recognize their voices through software technologies. They can use their voices to control their gameplay. 

Gesture control uses a camera that can track a player’s hand movements. This allows players to experience gaming using the natural movements of their bodies. 

Also, many companies are trying to incorporate wearable devices to improve players’ gaming experience. Some wearable devices include fitness bands, smartwatches, or glasses. These new devices conveniently provide access to players’ favourites without using their phones.

4. Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming or Gaming-as-a-Service (GaaS) is a storage gaming technology trend. While older games require a powerful hard drive, newer games are no longer limited to the amount of memory on a player’s device. Cloud gaming technology now provides massive server-size limits by using the internet.

5. Improved Security and Payment Methods

With the gaining popularity of the phenomenon of the online casino, developers created innovations to prevent hacking and cyber fraud. Many sites also introduced various payment methods that are safer and more convenient for gamblers. 

One of the new and most secure payment methods is blockchain technology. While most sites allow credit or debit cards, and e-wallets, an increasing number of sites now allow payment with Bitcoin. Payment through blockchain technology allows quick transactions without providing personal and bank information.

6. Playing on Mobile Devices

When online gambling was introduced, slot games, blackjack, and other casino games caught the gambler’s interest. They allowed gamblers to play for real money or play for free while at home. 

As online gambling became more popular, online casino sites looked for ways to improve the gaming experience. Most gambling sites now offer games that can be played on any mobile device. Mobile gaming increased players’ fondness and interest in online casinos.  

7. Live and On-Demand Gaming

With the advancement of technology, players can now play in-demand games in real-time with other players worldwide. They can even communicate with each other through chats. 

Live casinos are also becoming popular. Gamblers can enjoy real-time casino games through live streaming of the casino table. They can even wager with live human dealers.


Technology advancement in the gaming industry made gambling more secure, convenient, and comfortable. It also paved the way for a more stable future for the gaming industry.

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