Betting The world’s incredible soon-to-be-opened stadiums

The world’s incredible soon-to-be-opened stadiums

Building new soccer stadiums is more than just building sports facilities. It is a step into the future that will bring people together, create memories and define a new era in the development of soccer. 

Each club wants to create a unique atmosphere reflecting their values and identity. It applies to online betting entertainment like 360 bet and other betting clubs and offline facilities like stadiums. Each of these new complexes will be a venue for matches and the embodiment of innovative concepts and cutting-edge technology. These facilities will usher in a new era in the world of soccer.

Bramley-Moore Dock, England

  • Club Arena – Everton
  • Construction cost – 500 million pounds 
  • Capacity – 52,000
  • Year of opening – 2024

Everton have received approval to build their new £500 million stadium. The club’s plans include details of a modern arena on Liverpool’s waterfront. 

The club has played at Goodison Park since 1892 and has been keen to find a new home for 25 years. The new complex will be a mix of historic and modern elements. The stadium’s brick base will echo the famous lattice structure of the old Goodison Park, while the steel and glass roof will give it a modern look. The city’s maritime history also inspires the arena’s design.

With the new complex, Everton can accommodate 52,000 spectators, possibly expanding to 62,000 if additional permission is granted. The stadium will have four separate stands, including a large home stand on the south side to accommodate 13,000 fans.

Special attention will be paid to the location of fans on the field. The lower tiers of the north and south stands will allow for rail seating and could be converted into safe standing areas if legislation changes.

King Power, England

  • Club Arena – Leicester
  • Construction cost – Unknown
  • Capacity – 40,000
  • Year of opening – 2024

Leicester City Football Club announced their plans to expand the King Power Stadium. The club confirmed that following a public consultation in August and September 2021, they have applied to Leicester City Council for permission.

Leicester City are looking to increase the capacity of their stadium by 8,000 seats to reach a total capacity of 40,000. The expansion would be carried out by adding 8,000 seats in the east stand.

Apart from the expansion, preliminary plans include the construction of a 220-room hotel and a multipurpose arena for various events. The club also said there are proposals for new retail space, residential and commercial space, and multi-story parking lots. All of these improvements to the complex should contribute to the development of not only the soccer club but also the whole city of Leicester.

Le Catedral, Italy

  • Club Arena – Inter and Milan 
  • Construction cost – 1.2 billion euros
  • Capacity – 60,000
  • Year of opening – 2027

Italian soccer giants AC Milan and Inter have unveiled a joint project called Le Cathedral. This project is a new 60,000-seat stadium that will replace the historic San Siro. In November 2020, the Municipality of Milan decided to redevelop the San Siro area, where the Meazza Arena is located, to create a new sports and entertainment district. The new section will include a green area of 50,000 square meters. 

The new “San Siro” design is a rectangular structure surrounded by vertical ribs supporting an elegant glass facade. The Cathedral is a unique project inspired by the city’s most famous designs, Milan Cathedral and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. It will stand out among other sports arenas in the world. The Cathedral Stadium will be carbon-neutral and LEED certified thanks to advanced materials and technologies in water, energy and noise insulation.

National Stadium, Serbia

  • Club Arena – Serbian National Team 
  • Construction cost – 250 million euros
  • Capacity – 55,000
  • Year of opening – 2024

Serbia’s new national stadium is a project of the country’s president to modernize the country’s sports facilities. Serbia currently lacks a national stadium, and the national team plays most of its home matches on the field of the Red Star soccer club. 

The stadium will have a capacity of 55,000 seats, making it the largest in the country. It will have a steel structure with live trees outside and natural materials inside. The stadium is expected to cost 250 million euros.

Serbia’s national stadium will be erected in Surcin on the northern bank of the Sava River, near the international airport. The stadium is part of a more comprehensive new development project called Stadium City, including retail, entertainment, office, and residential buildings.

The stadium is part of a joint bid by Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece and Romania to host Euro 2028. None of Belgrade’s leading clubs are expected to move to the new stadium. The stadium will be a multifunctional facility capable of organizing various large-scale events.

Santiago Bernabéu, Spain

  • Club Arena – Real Madrid
  • Construction cost – 900 million euros
  • Capacity – 105,000
  • Year of opening – 2023

The renovation of the Santiago Bernabéu, Real Madrid’s home arena, began at the end of the 2019 season and was expected to be completed in late 2022. However, a coronavirus pandemic delayed the work. It is now reported that the new Santiago Bernabéu will open on December 23, 2023. 

The project aims to transform the stadium into one of the most modern venues in the world. The club has borrowed 575 million euros, with repayments over 35 years, to build the stadium.

The most striking feature of the new facility is the sliding roof and a movable pitch that can be removed for other events. A greenhouse is also nearby to preserve turf in such situations. In addition, the seating in the lower stands has been renovated, and two new towers have been built.

Real Madrid played most of their matches in 2021 at the Alfredo Di Stefano to speed up construction.


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